Pilates Reformer

It Is One Of Those Indispensable Machines After Reformer And Tower In The Pilates Centers. Wood Part Of The Equipment Is Made Of Beech Which Is Known With Its Robustness And Durability.

With Its Metal Frame Bar, It Contributes More To Variety Of Movements Provided By The Reformer. It Is Suitable For Studios And Home Gyms.



  • It is made of guaranteed solid wood for robustness; flat varnish was used, and is not damaged by liquids.
  • The bedstead system with 8 wheels ensures a silent, smooth and fluent mobility. 4 wheels fasten the bedstead, and the other 4 wheels provide movement.
  • Its upholstery is made of synthetic leather on foam. It provides highest level of comfort especially for upper knee movements and others.
  • The head-shoulder rest is designed to be adjusted for cervical comfort and accurate posture.
  • With its long rope and movable pulleys, the joint angles are not distorted during movements.
  • The holes on the bedstead allow the excess rope to be released underneath the equipment and ensure maximum comfort.
  • 5 separate springs are used in the equipment
  • Equipment is non-slip on floor due to weights of the materials used.


Cm In
Carriage Length 240 94.5
Carriage Height 35 13.8
Carriage Width 69 27.2



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