Pilates Cadillac Vintage


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The Pilates classic Cadillac is the favorite gear for many practitioners. It is a beautifully handcrafted European design made with attention to detail and outstanding finishes. It is one of those indispensable apparatus in the Pilates studios and homes.

It is made with solid wood for robustness, covered with flat varnish for its safe protection. Its upholstery is made of synthetic leather on foam. It provides highest level of comfort especially for kneeling positions.

Includes the jump board and box.



The Cadillac includes:

  • The movement options are increased thanks to its short movable bars between the vertical and horizontal bars.
  • Cross bars made of chrome plating on iron.
  • Push-through bar made in solid wood can be adjustable to 4 heights. Includes safety strap.
  • New padded trapeze bar with spring collars and springs.
  • Solid roll-down bar.
  • One pair of fuzzies. One pair of double loops (hand and feet) and one pair of foam handles.
  • Long springs: 2 blue (light) and 2 yellow (very light).
  • Short springs: 2 silver (hardest), 2 red (hard), 2 green (medium), 2 blue (light) and 2 yellow (very light)
  • 14 hooks around the towers to allow multiple positions.


Length 87 in | 220 cm
Width 74 in | 29 cm
Height of the bed 59 in | 23 cm
Height of the Tower 215 in | 85 cm
Weight 120 lb | 265 kgs


Transportation Details

The carrier will deliver this product on the street. If you require any additional service, please contact us on +1786 381 9917 or info@pilatesequipment.fitness


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