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Bundle: Pilates Reformer TPM + Ladder Barrel TPM (FREE SHIPPING)


ONLY VALID FOR U.S. TERRITORY (Not available for Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska)

Pilates Reformer TPM

Classic Pilates Wood Reformer with great strides and outstanding finishes. A dynamic and very comfortable machine. Ideal for home and studios looking for the cozy and pleasant atmosphere of the Rock Maple Wood. …more info

Pilates Ladder Barrel TPM

Pilates Barrel isbuilt of top Rock Maple Wood. Combines wood ladder rungs with a barrel surface, for stretching, strengthening and flexibility exercises. It offers maximum comfort when performing the exercises. The steel structure gives it great stability and durability. …more info

Pilates 8-shape Board


This product will be shipped between 2 to 3 weeks.

The Pilates 8-shape board allows a full-body workout to strengthen, stretch and challenge your body. All type of exercises can be performed from basic to advanced levels as you sit, lie, kneel and stand. Ideal for core workouts. …more info