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Pilates Reformer Equipment

PilatesEquipment.Fitness sells online Professional Pilates Reformer Machines designed for Studios, Rehab and Home.

The best Pilates reformers incredibly adaptable and durable, exceptional versatility to accommodate a range of body heights, sizes and abilities. Superior construction for maximum safety and durability. Our Pilates machines offer perfect stability and are very resistant. With whisper-smooth patented rolling mechanism to ensure precise and safe operation. With no doubt we recommend you to buy our Best Pilates Reformer Machine.

The Pilates Reformer for sale is the most popular and versatile piece of Pilates Equipment. It has a gliding carriage that moves on rails inside a wood or metal frame. The carriage is connected to springs, and there are pulleys and robes attached to the frame. The carriage moves when you push off the foot bar or when you pull on the straps. On the Pilates Reformer Bed you can lay, seat, kneel or stand on the carriage during the work out. You can do a wide variety of exercises to promote length, strength, flexibility and balance.

In Mat work, your body provides both the resistance and the assistance for Pilates exercises, you are affected by the gravity and your body weight. Whereas on a Reformer you have many more exercise options. The resistance can provide extra challenge or extra support for hundreds of exercises. So, the exercise possibilities are unlimited. Because a reformer can assist or resist a movement it is also an excellent rehabilitation tool for Physical Therapists. Many of the principles of Pilates align with those used at orthopedic rehabilitation.